Catapult launches GPS vest for amateur players

CATAPULT has produced its first GPS vest for the consumer market, allowing amateurs to analyse their performance and compare themselves to the best players in the world.

The PLAYERTEK vest costs £199 and carries a GPS-enabled pod that tracks a player's movements on four levels – distance covered, top-speed, sprint distance and number of sprints completed.

The 500mAh battery supports seven hours of use and there is 8GB of on-board storage holding up to 1,250 hours of football data. The pod is able to track players on the pitch and will even generate heat maps.

Stats from training sessions or a match can be transferred via Bluetooth to an iPhone app. For a full match, the stats can be broken down into the two halves, showing a player how his or her performance compared before and after the interval.

Zepp and Adidas have produced accelerometer-only wearables for the consumer market, but PLAYERTEK is the first football-specific GPS wearable for amateurs. Catapult is the GPS company of choice for elite sport, with Real Madrid, AC Milan and PSG among the top clubs using the company's products.

PLAYERTEK is available for pre-order in the US, Australia and some European countries.

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