WELCOME to the Training Ground, where matchday magic is made. We’re not interested in transfer gossip, twisted soundbites, clickbait, or ill-informed opinions.

That's the what, this is the why. This site is for anyone interested in the performance side of professional football. We hope to become the go-to destination for insights into coaching, conditioning and talent ID, with the latest news and innovations from practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics.

The backroom staff at clubs are football's unsung heroes. We're going to put these professionals - the sports scientists, medics, analysts, physios and coaches - into the limelight. You can interact via our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels by using the buttons at the top of every page. Every Friday we send out a newsletter with the best of the week's news, features and videos - you can subscribe to it here.

This is a burgeoning industry that never stands still. We hope the site will be of interest to anyone seeking insight into the beautiful game. Let the Guru into your life!

Editor: Simon Austin has been a sports journalist for almost 20 years, writing for the New York Times, Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Daily Mail. Before going freelance, he worked for the BBC for more than a decade, latterly as features editor of the BBC Sport website. He is passionate about insightful journalism and proper punditry.

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